We seek to recruit and retain exceptional graduates who have the aptitude and motivation to succeed in a firm with a distinctive culture, client centric approach and philosophy of long term relationship building.  We tend to hire from our summer internship programme though we do occasionally hire exceptional candidates ‘out of cycle’. 

We take a small number of interns each summer on our summer analyst programme.  We accept applications from students who are in their penultimate year of university or are recent graduates who we have a genuine interest in hiring on successful completion of the summer analyst program.  Applicants should be expecting to receive, or already have achieved, a 2:1 or 1st from a leading university.  Successful candidates will gain exposure to each area of our business and a unique insight into working in corporate finance while developing sector expertise in an important and constantly evolving sector: Technology.

Our graduate trainees are given early responsibility, extensive training and the opportunity to develop their careers in an open and friendly environment with early client contact.  Our graduate development programme combines extensive ‘on the job’ training together with courses in personal development and the opportunity to study for professional qualifications, including the CFA charter. 

Your background


While a financial background is preferable, successful candidates will have onsite training and be expected to learn through our apprenticeship program.  Whatever your discipline or major, we encourage applications from those who share an interest in the financial markets and have demonstrated strong academic performance. 

Regardless of your academic background you should be very comfortable working with numbers and have the strong communication and interpersonal skills needed to work closely with clients. 

We welcome energetic hard-workers driven to deliver exceptional results and with the interest to travel internationally. 

Past sccessful candidates generally perform well in our behavioural finance test and know of some, if not all, of the essentials on our recommended reading list which includes ‘Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets’, ‘The Innovator‘s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail’, ‘Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers’ and ‘Behavioural Investing’. 

Multilingual skills are an asset but if you don’t speak a second language we would expect you to excel in other areas.

If you are an analytic thinker interested in conducting in-depth evaluations of company performance and enjoy working in a challenging environment, then we encourage you to consider beginning your investment banking career with us at Capital SCF. 



  • Strong interpersonal skills and teamwork

  • Strong oral and written communication skills

  • Numerate

  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure

How to apply?


We are mindful of the pain that most application processes put you through. We have designed ours to minimise the time and pain it causes you.  No covering letters, no rekeying your CV, no ‘personal statements’.  You will need to enter you basic contact information so that we can communicate with you by email and telephone, a few facts (language skills, work permit status etc.) and upload a copy of your CV ‘as is’.  We will then ask you to take a short online test which lasts no more than an hour.

If you would like to apply, please send an email with the word ‘Candidate’ in the subject line to ; we will then send you a link to the application process.

What happens next?


If you score in the top quartile in our online test then we will invite you to participate in a telephone interview.  If you are successful in the telephone interview, we will ask you to prepare and present a short case study, either in person or online, followed by Q&A.  If you pass this phase and have not yet met the team in person, we will ask you to come in to get to know us and ask questions.  We then make 8 week internship offers to successful candidates which may convert to offers of full time employment at the end of the programme depending on your performance.