About Us

Capital SCF is a technology-focused independent corporate finance boutique headquartered in London.  It provides high quality, independent advice to the senior management teams and boards of European technology companies, as well as their investors. 

Capital SCF’s directors combine a broad network of global relationships with deep sector knowledge and specialist M&A experience to deliver a superior, senior level of service for clients who value experience, judgement, insight and innovative thinking. 

In addition to mergers & acquisitions advice, Capital SCF leverages its team’s extensive corporate finance and capital markets experience to advise companies on capital structure and capital raising choices, selectively raising private capital for clients.

We have been fortunate to serve some outstanding customers over the years; if you would like to speak to them about how we work and what we deliver, please let us know.




We believe that technology has the power to change the world for the better, but that a blind belief in technology is hazardous.  We take a rigorous approach to our assessment of innovations, companies, sectors and industries.  We pride ourselves on domain knowledge and foster a culture of continuous learning. If we don’t know, we will say so, and then go and learn.

There have been few true innovations in finance since the formalisation of double entry bookkeeping in the 14th Century.  Technology companies have adopted a number of accounting techniques over the years and we have seen most of the tricks.  Value is about cash-flow, and exotic accounting can’t change that. 


When you are considering M&A, whether selling your company or buying someone else's, we deliver global reach.  To assess the deal we provide detailed and reasoned valuation frameworks and scenario analyses.  We help build the investment case and will happily tell you not to do a deal if we do not believe it is right for you.  We prepare and co-ordinate the due diligence and we work with your legal advisers to get the right deal closed.

When you need finance we help companies to prepare for and raise capital, to support and accelerate growth or to finance acquisitions.  This can be in the form of debt or equity (and variations in between) and we can help you chose the optimal mix for the circumstances at hand.

When you need to make fast choices about which way to go, we provide strategic advice, usually relating to capital allocation in the context of rapid technology shifts.



We work with International Partner firms on selected transactions,
where the combination of forces adds value to the customer in that territory.



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